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Bathroom Ideas

1 Dec 2019 | Under Bathroom ideas, Design | Posted by | 0 Comments

If you’re planning a bathroom  for your home renovation project, planning and attention to detail can result in a  functional, stylish space. These design ideas will help you create a unique, relaxing, and perfect bathroom. Mirrored walls Mirrors are not simply a necessity of the bathroom; well placed, they can be used to make a […]

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Lighting your bathroom

18 Nov 2019 | Under Uncategorised | Posted by | 0 Comments

If there’s one thing that’s more annoying than having to wait for the bathroom, it’s poor quality bathroom lighting. It isn’t fun squinting in mirror during a shave, or you bump in to the sink in middle of the night, so we have put together some ideas for you to consider. At Bathrooms Complete, we […]

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Designing a compact bathroom

21 May 2018 | Under Bathroom ideas, Design, Style, Top tips | Posted by | 0 Comments

So, you want to remodel your smaller bathroom, but you want to create more space? There are some fantastic ideas and products available to help you make the most of a limited space, to create your perfect, relaxing bathroom environment, exactly as you want it. Combination toilet, basin and vanity units Combined sink and vanity […]

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XLIGHT Tiles – The new word in ceramic

1 Feb 2018 | Under Bathroom ideas, Design, Materials, Technology | Posted by | 0 Comments

  This new porcelain tile is a remarkable new product. It can be recognised by its extra-large format and minimum thickness.  XLIGHT is the natural evolution of ceramic. It has a large scale footprint of 100x300cm, and a minimum thickness of 3.5mm, a lighter weight, and less absorption than a traditional tile. XLIGHT tile benefits […]

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Bathroom Colour Ideas For 2018

18 Dec 2017 | Under Bathroom ideas, Colour, Design, Style | Posted by | 0 Comments

Choosing the colours you use in your bathroom is a really important decision that comes right at the beginning of your bathroom redesign. There are lots of different colour and style options open to you so the key here is to discover the benefits of each style. The final choice of your bathroom’s colour palette […]

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10 Bathroom Trends of 2017

16 Oct 2017 | Under Bathroom ideas, Colour, Design, New, Style, Top tips | Posted by | 0 Comments

2017 has been a year of creating unique styles through the use of new materials like wood tiling; luxuries such as underfloor heating; and modern features like walk-in showers. At Bathrooms Complete, we work with our customers to decide which features are most important to them when designing their new bathroom, the style or theme […]

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Bathroom Collections

19 Sep 2016 | Under Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

The bathroom is an important space, requiring more attention then other areas in your home. It’s not possible to change to suit the seasons. So when designing your new installation it is best to source a suite that provides all the style, comfort and storage you will need long into the future. With such an […]

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Bathroom Décor: Accessorising with Personal Touches

4 Dec 2014 | Under Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

Little touches make all the difference… Consider creating your own personal photo gallery to give a wall a distinctive touch, look for a hidden treasure at a local flea market to add an eye-catching focal point to your bathroom or maybe consider incorporating a special travel souvenir to personalise your space and add charm and […]

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Using Bedroom Chairs as Bold Bathroom Statements.

27 Feb 2014 | Under Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

It’s unusual to think that bedroom furniture has a suitable place in your bathroom but recently its been a popular design trend, especially in houses with much larger bathrooms. Putting a boudoir chair in your bathroom might seem unnecessary but then you might be the type of person who prefers a quick shower rather than a […]

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Small Bathroom Ideas for 2014

| Under Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

Do you have a small 2.0m x 2.0m bathroom that is in need of a major update? While you may not be able to change the physical size of your bathroom, you can certainly transform it into a space that will look and feel modern and spacious. All you need to accomplish your remodeling project […]

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