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Small Bathroom Ideas for 2014

27 Feb 2014 | Under Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments
Do you have a small 2.0m x 2.0m bathroom that is in need of a major update? While you may not be able to change the physical size of your bathroom, you can certainly transform it into a space that will look and feel modern and spacious. All you need to accomplish your remodeling project is a bit of creativity and a few design rules for small spaces. Here are 8 small bathroom design tips to kick start your dream makeover.

1.) Install a glass shower enclosure.

A shower curtain is one element that can drastically diminish the appeal of a small bathroom. A curtain makes the bathroom look dated, while also creating a visual separation between the shower/bathtub space and the rest of the room, making it appear half its real size. Framed glass doors also look heavy and divisive. The optimal solution is to install frame-less glass doors, that will create a seamless, continuous look from wall to wall, visually enlarging the space. If you do not actually use your bathtub, consider removing it completely, and installing a glass shower enclosure. This will completely transform your space, giving it a luxury spa-like look and feel.

2.) Choose space saving storage.

If you want to open up your bathroom space, the first thing to replace is the old, bulky cabinets that leave no breathing room. Luckily, today there are plenty of stylish cabinets to choose from, that will not only add inches of precious space, but will also offer smarter storage solutions. To visually add height to your bathroom, consider installing floor to ceiling cabinets. Floating storage cabinets are another attractive and effective storage solution that saves space. Also, consider using under-sink storage and towel bars to free your counter-top of clutter, for a cleaner, more spacious feel.

3.) Try large mirrors.

Interior designers commonly use mirrors to create an illusion of a larger space. Install a large, frameless mirror along one of the bathroom walls, and kiss the claustrophobic feeling in your bathroom goodbye. Huge, floor to ceiling mirrors that span the entire wall offer a stunning effect, but smaller mirrors that start at the height of your vanity and go up to the ceiling work just as well.

4.) Go for oversized tiles.

A sure way to dramatically transform the look of your bathroom is with tile. One design tip for small bathrooms is to go with oversized tile, such as 300 ×600, because these large surfaces and minimal amount of grout lines will make the space appear much larger and airier. Where should these tiles go? To achieve the best visual effect, consider doing floor to ceiling tile of the same color (preferably light) throughout the bathroom. By keeping the tile the same size and color both on the walls and on the floor, you create an illusion of seamless space, without dividing lines that visually cut up the room. For a unique and creative look, go for glass tiles; ceramic tiles offer a more traditional look, while natural stone tiles brings a sense luxury.

5.) Combine various types of lighting.

A single, ceiling mounted light fixture makes the bathroom look dated and offers the least amount of visual interest and functionality. Instead, consider installing recessed lighting, as well as task lighting above the vanity. You can get creative with task lighting and put in fixtures that offer an interesting focal point. Different types of lighting in one space will create an overall brighter and therefore visually bigger bathroom. Avoid using fluorescent lighting, as it tends to look depressing and also adds an unnatural tone to your real skin colour.

6.) Break the rules of traditional design.

The beauty and special advantage of a tiny bathroom remodel is that you can break many design rules and play around with colors and patterns that would look “over the top” in larger bathrooms. By incorporating eye-popping details, you take the focus away from the square footage of your bathroom, and create a unique space that is all about experience, rather than size. Get creative and incorporate elements of design that speak to your personal aesthetic. Consider bright splashes of tile, unusual bold colour choices, interesting wall paper patterns, unique shapes and materials for your vanities, catchy lighting fixtures, etc.

7.) Replace bulky vanities.

One of the key elements to successfully redesigning a small bathroom is to evaluate which fixtures take up too much and replace them with a smaller alternative. Typically, older homes have bulky bathroom vanities that are not very functional. Instead, consider installing a tall pedestal sink, a console or a wall mounted sink that matches the overall style of your bathroom. Today, there are many design options to choose from, ranging from the minimalist and ultra-modern, to traditional, old-world charm sinks.

8.) Think colour!

Colour can really break or make your bathroom remodel. You can play it safe, and use neutral earth or ocean-inspired tones typical in larger bathrooms, but your bathroom will not gain much. On the other hand, you can transform the space by using brighter and bolder colours, such as deep hues of red or orange. Surprisingly, dark colours such as charcoal and black can also be an innovative choice, especially if you are going for a contemporary look. Since the space is small, don’t be afraid to experiment with a color you really like, it will be quick and inexpensive to repaint, if it fails to meet your expectations

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