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Using Bedroom Chairs as Bold Bathroom Statements.

27 Feb 2014 | Under Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

It’s unusual to think that bedroom furniture has a suitable place in your bathroom but recently its been a popular design trend, especially in houses with much larger bathrooms. Putting a boudoir chair in your bathroom might seem unnecessary but then you might be the type of person who prefers a quick shower rather than a long soak in the bath. What I mean is the most likely homeowners to adopt this type of decor are people who like to relax and move at their own pace in their bathrooms – the ones who enjoy reading a good book in the tub and floating over the effervescence of bath salts. Deciding whether or not to make room for seating in the bathroom is ultimately dependent on how you like to use your bathroom. Fortunately there are endless numbers of bathroom design ideas that incorporate bedroom chairs which either match or contrast with the rest of the decor. We’re going to explore and identify a few designs that homeowners can incorporate to enrich their bathroom’s visual appeal and enhance its quality of experience.

A vanity area in the bathroom makes good sense.

For the ladies in the house, creating a zone where they can apply makeup within the bathroom not only takes up less bedroom space but it also facilitates the natural flow of preparing oneself to leave the house in style after a bath or shower. To use the dressing table properly, a chair or stool will be needed and can be as luxurious or simplistic as you prefer. Vanity chairs are built for such setups and often have a low back to promote good posture, however, boudoir chairs are also a very popular choice. Historically, a specific powder/ dressing room was created to contain all makeup activities including dressing. For smaller houses though, bedrooms are the usual modern day setting which can be transferred easily to the bathroom – space permitting.

Enjoy a book in the tub, before, during and after.

More comfortable chairs provide book lovers the perfect place to relax and read in whilst running the bath. You will be able to get lost in the imaginings of your favourite author from the moment the taps turn. After soaking in the bath the story doesn’t have to end. You can simply pop out, wrap a gown around you and return the chair to dry naturally. Unlike vanity stools, these chairs come with taller lumbar supports to let occupants relax straight into them. Other comfier seats include tub chairs, rattan furniture, and even a chaise lounge to lay down on if you can fit one in.

Safe support for elderly bathers.

Mature bathroom users are often less stable than they were in their youth, especially after all of their muscles have been put to sleep by a relaxing bath. Accompanied with a dressing gown, bedroom chairs can become a safe area to sit and dry yourself in – perfect if you are an OAP. As well as drying, health benefiting tasks like applying moisturiser and drying your feet/ in between your toes is aided by a well-placed chair for stability, reducing the chance of any toppling accidents.

A pleasing, aesthetic accent feature.

Some homeowners decide to add a lavish bedroom chair into their bathroom interior simply for the sake of good-looking design. Placing a pretty item of furniture that goes against the grain by being displayed in an alternative room is an effective way to make a bold statement. Unfortunately this artistic feature can become a resting place for hand and face towels which are either about to be used or stacked on top as a storage place – not the prettiest display.

Create your own place to sit.

Now that you’ve learned how and why chairs which are traditionally used for the bedroom can be used in the bathroom, why not give it a go? If you aren’t keen on the functional aspect of sitting in the bathroom, the beauty of a bedroom chair can still can inject some unusual contrast and draw the eye for style reasons.

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