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Lighting your bathroom

18 Nov 2019 | Under Uncategorised | Posted by | 0 Comments

If there’s one thing that’s more annoying than having to wait for the bathroom, it’s poor quality bathroom lighting. It isn’t fun squinting in mirror during a shave, or you bump in to the sink in middle of the night, so we have put together some ideas for you to consider.

At Bathrooms Complete, we can help you design your perfectly illuminated sanctuary. In this post, we’ve brought together a selection of contemporary bathroom lighting fixtures designed to help you light your bathroom perfectly, at day or night


Bright and clean

Overhead and task lighting are key. But bathrooms are a room in the house where people are spending a lot of time, so you’ll want to create a feeling of relaxation, to help dissolve the stresses of the day. Flexibility to adjust the lighting is very important, and by including dimmers allows you to fine tune the mood.

Work top to bottom

Ceiling–mounted or recessed lighting overhead for illumination is obviously what you should ficus on first. This provides the primary light source. You can then compliment that with vanity area task lighting, which can be a fixture above the mirror on either side. You could also look to light the shower and tub area to create foal areas, as well as strip lighting under wall-mounted cabinets, which makes them appear to floating.


Balance is key

People often have a tendency to pop a dozen can lights into the ceiling to make sure the bathroom is bright enough, but it can be too much. The flip side; under-lighting your bathroom can create a cold, dark feeling, which doesn’t offer the welcoming and warmth of ample lightning. Once again, dimmers can’t help you to achieve just the right level


Avoid Direct Down-Lighting

try to avoid light pointing directly down on your head, it can be harsh and unflattering. Try positioning your ceiling lights over a walkway area to drop the light behind you, as opposed to directly over you in front of the mirror.



You don’t have to replace the LED bulbs for years, which makes them very cost efficient. They are also minimal in appearance to get a clear and modern look. LEDs also have more wattage and the light quality is a lot warmer than before which means replacing halogen bulbs are no longer a necessity to create warmth. Some of the higher quality LEDs are also dimmable, which means it is really no contest in choice.


If you are considering a remodel and are interested to know more about the new XLIGHT tiles, get in touch, we would love to get together for a coffee (or tea) and all you through the best solution for you.

So, get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to design a bathroom that you love, from start to finishing touch.

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